Written & Directed by

Director of Photography

Animation and Special Effects by

Edited by

Girlfriend JEN BROWN
Photographer and EMT #1 WILL HUSE
Himself D.J. GROTHE

Sound Operator
Key Grip (San Francisco)
Key Grip (Los Angeles)

ALL Music used with written permission:

“Soliloquy for the End of the World”
Written and performed by ANDRU AESTHETIK

“Everything You Believe is a Lie”
Written and Performed by THE BURNING HELL

“Lilting Waltz”
Written and Performed by DROPSHOT

“Monster” and “Night Walk”
Written and Performed by PEACH STEALING MONKEYS

“Scheming Weasel”
Written and Performed by KEVIN MACLEOD

Special Thanks
to BOBA BEAR in Korea Town for letting us use their Hookah Lounge
to BRIAN DALTON for lending his equipment

This project took a lot of time and effort. From the initial reviews, it has been worth it:

“It’s really nice, but why the fuck didn’t HER shirt come off? What’s wrong with you?”

- Penn Jillette

“Love it! Wish I was in it!!”

- Richard Saunders

“It’s really fun. Nicely done.”

- Michael Goudeau
Jen Brown…………………..Villian
Justin Terry………………….Hero
Erica Ewell……………………Goon
John Rael…………………..Skeptic

Written and Directed by…………………..John Rael
Animation by………………………………..Jen Brown
Editing by……………………………………..John Rael
Cinematography…………..Karus Marshall-Walsch

These are a few clips from the next episode of Skeptically Pwnd:

Our Hero

(Listen to my mini-interview with Richard…before he kicked me in the junk)

(<– BTW Part Two of Ghost Hunters is up)

It has been a thrilling month for me. I’ve finally gotten out from behind the camera and keyboard, and decided to meet the “Skeptics” face to face. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Me and my artistic director Jen Brown went to a ’skeptics in the pub’ meetup thing. It was pretty fuckin’ awesome. We hung out with several members of the IIG and discussed a whole range of topics over beer and pizza.

A few days later my whole crew and I (me, Matt David, and Jen Brown) went to the IIG award show in Los Angeles. We hung out with some of the cast of Mr. Diety, saw Michael Shermer accept an award, and I finally got to personally thank Brian Dunning for all of his help with the Bigfoot Hoax. It was nothing short of a fuckin’ blast.

My month was not complete yet. No, no, no.  A couple prominent skeptics from Australia came down to the OC for a few drinks. I’m, of course, talking about none other than Richard Saunders and Dr. Rachel of the Skeptic Zone podcast. They were the first fine folks to run my audio spot on their podcast so I had to meet them, shake their hands, and get kicked in the nuts :) Richard also asked me a few questions: here

They were not the only kind folks to run our audio spot. Here is a list of the podcast episodes with our audio spot:

Since then I’ve made a hell of a lot more Facebook friends (always feel free to add me) and I even volunteered at CFI’s book sale, where I received my very own copy of James Randi’s Flim Flam. That’s correct, I did not own Flim Flam until last month… I just hadn’t gotten around to it… I’ve been busy filming… fuck you for judging me!

I also grabbed my very own copy of the Mythbuster’s issue of Skeptic Magazine :) It’s sold out, you know. In yo’ face!

I even managed to grab some of DJ Grothe’s previously owned books.

So is this a new found attitude of proactive skeptical activism for the pwner? Maybe, I don’t know. What I do know is that I will not be able to resist going to more Skeptical events and if that makes me proactive than so fuckin’ be it.

I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the next episode of your favorite group of nut kicking skeptics, well here it is:

I’m sure you are all familiar with the TAPS/Ghost Hunters group of douche bags who run around scaring themselves in the dark. They have electrical equipment and use words like “evidence” and “investigation,” but really do nothing that could be mistaken for actual science. Well this is our contribution to the field.
This is part one of a two part video with a commercial break. Hope you enjoy!

You may recognize one of my Ghost Hunters from another episode of Skeptically Pwnd. Matt David was our John Edward and helped film BigFoot. He is our co-producer and has also produced a kick ass show of his own by the name of MetaGame about a group of wacky DnD players. Check it out This webseries also includes our Ghost Hunter, Leeman.

The Commercial Break:

Our store:

PS. I think the Sci-Fi channel changing its name to “SyFy” is fuckin’ stupid…


Check out Skeptically Pwnd’s Draw Muhammad Day. Also, the results of the Great Apple Experiment. Next we have a parody of Ghost Hunters coming out that features the music of Peach Stealing Monkeys.

Ok, so over the course of a week I gave a slice of apple all the hatred I could muster and my friend Larissa gave a slice of apple more love than just about any piece of fruit rightfully deserves. There were also two slices that were left to their own devices. Now is the time to determine if any of our negative/positive/neutral influences had an affect on the apple slice’s rate of decay.

The order of the apples was determined by the roll of a die. After I’ve collected enough data I will reveal which apple slice is which. So please tell your friends. I realize that this experiment probably doesn’t invite as much traffic as our usual brand of “dick-kickin’-fun” so if you could post this to your blog/facebook/myspace/etc. that would be awesome. Thank you!

Apple A

Apple B

Apple C

Apple D

Which apple looks the best?

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Which apple looks the worst?

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If you wanted to see Jen Brown’s lovely art work…

Taking a cue from Rebecca Watson’s latest venture into testing woo, I’ve decided to conduct my own apple experiment.

My Apple Experiment:

Rebecca’s Apple Experiment:

Perhaps you are already aware… or perhaps you were made aware by PZ Myers:


Or the Skepchick:


Or the Skeptoid:


In case you are not aware, let me fill you in. I decided a few months ago to create my very own hoax video.

I chose bigfoot because it didn’t seem like anyone could get hurt from my hi-jinks (so far, I don’t think anyone has). I also asked a lot of skeptics to feel free to debunk it. As you can see they came through with flying colors.

I thought this might inspire some crypto’s to ‘defend’ or ‘promote’ the hoax. There was a problem, however: You see, I assumed that I had already learned a lesson that apparently I had not. I assumed that I had already learned the lesson that “less is more.” I ASSUMED that ‘less’ than a second of clear footage would get me the ‘more’ of what I was looking for. APPARENTLY a split second of clear footage is a split second too fuckin’ much!

Even the Oregon Bigfoot lady wasn’t convinced:


And this dildo sells memberships to see her collection of smudged and blurry photos.

(actually, that’s not fair. As my female friends point out to me, dildos actually have a function.)

The Biscardi Factor

Of course, not every crypto suddenly turned skeptic. I received an e-mail from Tom Biscardi’s secretary asking me to call him up. I did. After about ten minutes of lying through my teeth the guy asked me to drive to Vegas that weekend and if I had the “real deal” he would make me “rich and famous.” I tried to talk him into just getting me an interview with an LA based news organization, but he wanted to meet me personally.? After this I decided to throw in the towel.

On the one hand, the man is determined not to be fooled, at least not by anything that’s not good enough to fool everyone else. On the other hand, the man gave me his personal phone number, and he was more than willing to give up his time and energy in order to check me out. Assuming that he actually watched my video you have to ask, “what’s his angle?” Or, “Is he just gullible?”

For my money, he’s been in this “business” way too long to be gullible. He was fast talking and did not like taking ‘no’ for an answer.

If he was the only way to take this hoax to the next level, I didn’t want any part of it.? It was time to come clean.

The Punchline

PS. The Makeup

Despite all the negative comments on the hoax video, the makeup did take a lot of time, money, and effort. I had to get that shit glued on my face for three fuckin’ hours and I think it looks pretty fantastic. Mad props to my makeup girl Christina Voigt.