Buy It Or Burn It Press Release


“Buy It or Burn It” Holds A Comedian’s DVD Collection  Hostage Unless the Audience Pays Up

Buy It or Burn It” is a weekly show where host John Rael  sits down with fresh, young stand-up comics from around LA and wisecracks on selections from his DVD collection, then offers those DVDs for sale to the audience.  If the audience doesn’t buy them off eBay by the next episode, John sets those DVDs on fire.

Hollywood, CA (October 15th, 2018) – “Buy It or Burn It” is a weekly show where host, John Rael, banters and jokes about selections from his DVD collection with a rotating group of young stand-up comics from around Los Angeles.  Any DVDs riffed on for that episode will be offered to the audience for sale over eBay. Any DVDs that aren’t sold will be burnt to a crisp by John in the next episode. Alternatively, an audience member can buy a DVD, burn or otherwise destroy it themselves, record a video of the destruction, and send it to Buy it or Burn It where it will be featured on the next episode.  The show will run for nearly 40 episodes for its first season and will feature over 200 DVDs.

“I think this might be the first show where items for sale are being publicly held hostage,” jokes John Rael, the host of Buy It or Burn It. ”If I want to watch a movie, I get it on Netflix.  Everything has gone streaming. Buy It or Burn It is a way to say goodbye to my worthless DVD collection while having  fun and getting laughs with some great comedians,”

Upcoming episodes of Buy It or Burn It will include a diverse, talented, and hilarious rotating group of co-host comedians who have performed at comedy clubs and sketch shows around Los Angeles, including The Comedy Store, Second City, Laugh Factory, The Improv, and The Lab.  The co-hosts include  Kelsey Lane, Izzy Salhani, Lish Bliss, Leah Morningstar, Ray Anderson, Quincy Johnson II, Pallavi Gunalan, William L. Toussaint, and Kat Dekari.  The title music for the show was created by composer Anthony Shea, whose work has been featured on Showtime’s Shameless.

Buy It or Burn It will be featured on host John Rael’s SkepticallyPwnd Channel.  To learn more and watch episodes, you can visit skepticallypwnd.com.


About the Buy It or Burn It Team:

Buy It or Burn It is the brainchild of its host, John Rael – whose love of film and indifference to his DVD collection helped to inspire this project.  Rael is the founder and “lead kicker” of the channel SkepticallyPwnd.com. He also acts as head videographer and editor for Dr. Randy Olson at Raleigh Studios (scienceneedsstory.com) and produces videos for Michael Shermer (skeptic.com).



About the Co-Hosts

Buy It or Burn It will include a rotating cast of co-host comedians from around the Los Angeles area who include:

Ray Anderson trained and performed at Second City in Chicago before moving on to perform stand-up across the country and opening for acts like Bill Burr, Sebastian Maniscalco, Pauly Shore, Steve Byrne.




Lish Bliss is an actor, director and comedian who received a full scholarship to a prestigious comedy program and has directed of a number of plays, including an award-winning play at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.






Kat Dekari is a stand-up comedian, actor, improviser and writer who has performed in Portland, Vegas and at The World Famous Comedy Store Main Room in Los Angeles. She also has created a web series called I RAN LA and is currently performing in the False Idols sketch show at Second City Hollywood.




Pallavi Gunalan is a biomedical engineer by day and  stand-up comedian by night who has performed on booked shows at The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv, Westside Comedy, Flappers Comedy Club, The Ice House, Mad House Comedy Club, The Comedy Palace, HaHa Cafe Comedy Club, Seattle’s Comedy Underground, and the Canvas Laugh Club (Mumbai). She produces Oversharing Comedy, and, as a co-producer of Facial Recognition Comedy, was highlighted in Splitsider.


Quincy Johnson II is a comedian and actor who has featured/opened for Joey “Coco” Diaz, Darren Carter, Flip Schultz, Theo Von, Al Jackson, Greg Behrendt, Quincy Jones and more while on the road doing standup comedy.  He’s has also been featured on several television shows including Community on NBC, Fox’s The Orville, VH1’s Walk Of Shame Shuttle and BET’s Real Husbands Of Hollywood.





Kelsey Lane  is a comedian, musician, writer, and actress. She performs regularly at Flappers and all over the country, but gets her shameless and biting sense of humor from her upbringing in Boston, Massachusetts. Kelsey offers you her insight on sexuality, dating, family, and everyday life.




Leah Morningstar is a writer, actor, and yoga instructor in Los Angeles, California.







Izzy Salhani is a fresh up and comer who has performed her unique brand of hip and self aware comedy all over LA from the Comedy Store to the Ice House.




William L. Toussaint is an LA based actor, writer, and producer.  He has a web series that he produces and performs in front of a live audience called The Mix and Serve which is described as made of one part comedy, one part journalism, and one part drinking games.




About SkepticallyPwnd:
John Rael’s channel, SkepticallyPwnd, is a comedy outlet for the skeptic and science community through sketch comedy videos, takedown and analysis videos, and reviews of skeptic events and TV shows, all with a healthy dose of humor.

We are a group of comedic skeptics or skeptical comedians who have taken it upon ourselves to do battle against woo woo, pseudoscience, flim flam, hogwash, poppycock and all around bullshit!

It is not the existence of this nonsense that perturbs us (and perturbed we are). It is the fact that the majority of our fellow man still believes and participates in such nonsense that really turns our briefs into thongs. I mean, when will the madness stop?!?!?

…we don’t know, but until it does, we will be here to provide the zing to other researchers hard facts, the punchline to scientific enquiry.

To learn more and watch past  episodes of SkepticallyPwnd, you can visit our site at skepticallypwnd.com/videos

If you have any questions about the podcast, please email us at john@skepticallypwnd.com




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